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Design and Analysis of a Self-Adaptive Monorail Transporter without Power Supply

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.002


Bao Zhou, Rui Hu, Miao He, Yujin Wang, and Hui Jin

Corresponding Author

Miao He


An unpowered monorail transporter with self-adaptive function is proposed, which can convey crops downward at a relatively stable speed in mountainous regions. The monorail transporter is composed of the body, guiding mechanism, damping mechanism, braking mechanism, etc. Through the combination of compression spring, torsion spring and linear bearing, the transporter can adapt itself to the track passively and adjust its speed self-adaptively. The mechanical structure is designed in the paper firstly, and then the functional relationship between the speed and the stiffness of springs and the track parameters is obtained through the analysis of the kinematics and turning performance. Furthermore, a virtual simulation model is established to verify the reasonableness of the mechanical structure design and the analysis process.


Transporter, no power supply, adaptive function

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