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A Review on DNS Rebinding

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.010


Guo Xuanzhen, Pan Zhulie, and Shen Yi

Corresponding Author

Guo Xuanzhen


As an indispensable infrastructure of the Internet, the DNS system carries the task of mapping domain names and IP addresses to each other, and is closely related to various Internet activities. On the other hand, DNS has become an important springboard for malicious attacks and an important tool as a threat to the Internet security. As an attack method using the DNS system, DNS Rebinding appeared as early as the late 1990s. It can use the victim's browser as a springboard to enter the internal network, steal sensitive data, and obtain the control right of devices. With the popularity of IoT devices, DNS Rebinding technology has new uses. This paper studies the development and changes of DNS Rebinding technology in the past 20 years, and has a general grasp of the development trend of DNS Rebinding. It better understands this attack method and puts forward corresponding defense opinions.


DNS Rebinding, SOP, IoT, defense measurement

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