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P-median problem solution and research

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.018


Yuankun Chen, Yigao Li

Corresponding Author

Yuankun Chen


The location of facilities is a common decision-making problem in the field of operations research and management science. The correctness of the location decision depends mainly on whether the economic benefits, utility, personal or social satisfaction and social value can be brought about after the location decision. P-median problem is to study how the Pfacility location such that the product of the distance between the demand and the needs of the service facilities and the smallest part of NP-Hard problem. In addition to this article to solve the problem with the lingo P-median and genetic algorithm, the further study of the multi-facility location problem with capacity constraints, and the performance indicators lingo outcome of the genetic algorithm derived performance comparison, also Compare the performance of the two solutions in solving the problem in dense and sparse graphs. Finally, this paper discusses the use scenarios of lingo and heuristic algorithms in solving operational research problems.


P-median problem, CFLP problem, Lingo, genetic algorithm

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