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Overview of the Motion System of Ground Mobile Robots in Unstructured Environment

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.020


Yuanzheng Zhang, Xie Minshan, Chen Xinwei

Corresponding Author

Yuanzheng Zhang


In the next 20 years, the global mobile robot market is expected to grow significantly, surpassing the industrial robot market in terms of sales and sales. Its important application areas are homeland security, surveillance, mine clearance, reconnaissance and agriculture in dangerous situations. The design of kinematic systems for mobile robots in a complex environment is extremely complicated, especially when they need to move on uneven or soft terrain, or climb obstacles. This article analyzes the current research status of ground mobile robot motion mechanisms, and focuses on The solution in an unstructured environment is analyzed to help the designer choose the optimal solution according to the specific operating requirements. From the highest speed, the ability to climb obstacles, the ability to climb stairs / stairs, the ability to climb, and on soft terrain The three types of mobile systems: wheeled w-type, tracked t-type, and leg-type three types of mobile systems are discussed in terms of walking ability, walking ability on uneven terrain, energy efficiency, mechanical complexity, control complexity, and technical readiness. Four main types of hybrid motion systems are composed of these main motion systems. Finally, this article outlines the current status and future of mobile robotics. To develop trends.


Unstructured environment, mobile robot, hybrid motion system, optimal system design

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