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Particle swarm optimization algorithm with compression factor is used to solve complex shading MPPT problem

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.025


Yanping Wang, Zhen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Zhang


In photovoltaic power generation systems, pv arrays are often affected by local shadow phenomena, resulting in the unstable operation of the system and the reduction of output power. In addition, pv array's p-u characteristic curve will show multiple peaks, and the traditional maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm cannot complete the tracking of the maximum power point because it can only find the single peak. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has good global optimization ability of multi-peak, which is widely used in tracking the maximum power point of local shadow. However, PSO algorithm has the shortcoming of insufficient convergence speed and low search accuracy. Therefore, a particle swarm optimization (YSPSO) algorithm with compression factor is proposed to effectively improve the global search ability and local improvement ability of the whole algorithm.


MPPT problem, Particle swarm optimization algorithm, compression factor

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