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Video Based Distance Measurement for Jump Events

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DOI: 10.23977/mcee2020.035


Guodong Wang, Ming Yong, Tao Wang

Corresponding Author

Guodong Wang


In this paper, a novel video distance measurement system was developed to measure performance in jump events. The system contains camera calibration, video recording, distance measurement and results management. It’s based on a video recording system comprised of two high resolution cameras. The cameras are specially calibrated by the markers fixed alongside the landing area. The performance of each jump can be measured immediately after landing of the athletes by placing a cursor line on the leading edge of the break made by the athlete. Distance data, landing pictures as well as landing sequence can be exported. After tested the proposed technique and device in many national events and paralleled the results with electronic distance measuring apparatus, satisfactory results have been obtained. The designed device gains considerable advantages in measuring accuracy, efficiency and re-judgment compared with traditional equipments using spike such as steel measuring tapes and electronic distance measuring apparatus.


Distance measurementt, camera, calibration, jump

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