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Research on Training Mode of Applied Logistics Finance Talents Based on Logistics Major

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.009


Shuli Zhang, Shuang Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuli Zhang


With the advancement of the “Belt and Road” strategy and the application of emerging blockchain technologies, as an important part of the industrial chain, the logistics industry will inevitably usher in new development opportunities soon. "The future success of logistics industry lies in financial services". The function of "financing, settlement and risk diversification" of modern logistics finance determines its important position in the future development of logistics. Although the logistics financial business has developed rapidly in recent years, behind the boom of blind development, logistics finance has also exposed many problems in the actual operation process. In addition to system problems, these deeper reasons are the lack of plaques for logistics financial talents. At present, there are mainly problems in the training of logistics finance talents, such as lack of high-end application talents, unequal training mechanisms and job requirements, poor practical ability, and lack of independent innovation capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out logistics finance talent training models and identify constraints the key factor for its development is to cultivate high-quality application-oriented logistics finance talents that are suitable for the needs of the industry's development and meet the needs of corporate posts.


Logistics Finance, Training Mode, Interdisciplinary

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