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A Study on the Influence of Martial Art’ entry into Colleges and Universities on the Employment Concepts of Students from Physical Education Department

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71138


Wenwen Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenwen Wang


Martial art is being popularized in our country. In order to train more martial art talents and cater to fitness market’s needs for professional talents, it is necessary to make use of higher education institutions and educational platforms to provide a good platform for more fitness martial art talents. It is especially necessary for colleges and universities to strengthen the training of martial art talents and to promote fitness martial art. Therefore, a more professional and systematic promotion is acquired. With the development of economy, people demand more and more for fitness martial art. Under the influence of the hot trend of national fitness, people demand more professional fitness martial art talents urgently. In our country, fitness martial art in colleges and universities has a good development prospect. In order to meet social needs as well as to promote employment rate, it is essential to constantly promote fitness martial art in colleges and universities.


Fitness martial art, continuous promotion, employment prospects

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