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Patent Trend Analysis on TCM Intervention and Treatment Technology of Immune Diseases in China and Abroad

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.018


Yibing Song, Xiaochu Qin, Haicheng Lin, Chen Guo, Qi Sun, Hongshen Pang, Lu Wang

Corresponding Author

Hongshen Pang


Traditional Chinese medicine, as an advantageous field of China with independent technology, has received increasing attention in the area of intellectual property right. Among them, TCM intervention treatment technology of immune diseases is an important aspect. However, it faces many problems in its intellectual property right developing process, such as low authorization rate, low technology content, foreign patent layout and competition from foreign enterprises. This paper analyzes patent status of TCM intervention treatment technology of immune diseases in recent years, focusing on the analysis of foreign patent status especially, and finally, puts forward some suggestions on the development of TCM Intervention and treatment technology of immune diseases from the aspect of intellectual property rights.


TCM Intervention and treatment of immune diseases technology, intellectual property right, patent trend analysis, patents from China and abroad

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