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Study on the construction of Suburban Forest Park based on SWOT analysis—Take Taiyuan Western Hills ten thousand mu ecological park as an example

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.029


Xiaoyu Li, Haoran Wen

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Li


Wanbailin ecological park used to be a garbage mountain made of coal gangue, living and construction waste. Now it has become a suburban forest park for residents to enjoy their leisure and health. Based on the requirement of forest eco-tourism and the resources and environment of the suburban forest park, this paper makes a SWOT analysis on the present construction status of the forest park, and puts forward reasonable suggestions and countermeasures for the planning of the forest eco-park based on the results of SWOT analysis.


SWOT analysis, ten thousand mu ecological park, Suburban Forest Park, ecotourism, development

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