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Emotional design of public space of physical bookstores in information environment

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.044


Jiang Li-juan, Song Hou-peng

Corresponding Author

Jiang Li-juan


This paper takes the influential entity chain bookstore as an example, through on-the-spot investigation, analyzes the function of the main space extracted from its space system, such as external space, entrance space, display space, reading space, leisure space and traffic space, and summarizes the design methods of the more systematic space, aiming to create the internal space of the bookstore that meets the needs of consumers To achieve the agreement with readers' psychological expectations. At the same time, we should take a forward-looking view of the future development of physical bookstores, and try to design more abundant and reasonable space of bookstores, so as to provide scientific reference for the space design of physical bookstores in the future, and finally make them play an irreplaceable comprehensive potential.


Internet age, physical bookstore, space design

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