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Research on Green Quality Management System Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.046


Wan Sunchao, Yuan Cijia, Liu Yu, Hui Yuxin, and Li Huiqiang

Corresponding Author

Wan Sunchao


Against the background of the increasing importance of green development and sustainable development, the quality management of enterprises is gradually developing in a green and healthy direction. To a certain extent, traditional quality management with enter-prise product quality as the core is difficult to adapt to the form in which enterprises focus on green quality management. Based on this, this study will use the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to build a green quality management system that conforms to the current enterprise development from the entire process of enterprise quality management: planning, production, management, sales and feedback. The results show that the green quality management system constructed in the study takes production as the core. At the same time, the study uses Company A as an example to investigate the effectiveness of the model, and also proposes corresponding solutions for Company A to improve green quality management.


Green quality management, analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, environmental protection

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