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Simulation Study on Power Performance and Economy of Hydrogen Fuel Bus

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DOI: 10.23977/wepm2020.050


Siying Wu, Junping Ji

Corresponding Author

Junping Ji


Hydrogen energy has become the clean energy with the most development potential in the world due to its advantages of green, high efficiency and wide application range. Our country has vigorously developed new energy vehicles, and the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has also made great strides. In order to better promote the hydrogen fuel bus, this paper carries out simulation research on its power and economy under specific working conditions. The simulation results show that the optimized fuzzy logic control strategy makes the vehicle's power performance better, most of the fuel cell working range is in the high efficiency range, and the power battery SOC is in the ideal range, achieving the purpose of optimization.


Hydrogen fuel bus, Power performance, Fuel economy

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