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Research on the Construction of Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for the Cultivation of Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020007


Cai Kaiwu, Zhan Liuchun

Corresponding Author

Zhan Liuchun


As an important part of the teaching work of colleges and universities, the practice teaching base is an important place to effectively ensure the implementation of the practice teaching link, and it is also an important base for training practical application talents. In accordance with the needs of local independent colleges for professional transformation and development, in accordance with the training goals of professional talents, the practice teaching system was constructed, the practice base teaching plan was revised, and measures to adapt to the school's transformation and development and strengthen the construction of practice teaching bases were discussed. The aim is to strengthen the construction of practical teaching bases, increase the intensity of practical teaching, and cultivate applied technical talents that meet the needs of society.


University Professional Development; Applied talents; Campus teaching base; Practice base construction

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