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Research on Teaching Reform of Finance Major in Internet Finance Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020032


Jianmei Ma

Corresponding Author

Jianmei Ma


With the rapid development of Internet finance, various risk cases occur frequently, affecting the stable and healthy development of the financial system. This paper summarizes the categories of Internet financial risks and analyzes the characteristics of Internet financial risks: high risk complexity, rapid risk generation, enhanced risk contagion, reduced risk controllability, significant influence of external factors on risks, and more difficult risk supervision. The countermeasures for the prevention of Internet financial risks are proposed: clarifying the regulatory bodies and principles of Internet finance, fully drawing on the experience of Internet financial risk prevention in developed countries, regulating Internet financial behavior through sound laws and regulations, building an Internet financial information technology security system, and establishing the self-discipline organizations to promote the benign development of industry, adopting a full range of financial supervision measures to guard against systemic risk.


Internet finance; finance major; talents demand; teaching reform

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