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High performance complex event detection method based on macro forest transducer

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DOI: 10.23977/acsat.2017.1012


Liu Yitian, Liao Husheng, Su Hang, Gao Hongyu

Corresponding Author

Yitian Liu


Complex event detection technology aims at extracting valuable information from continuously incoming massive stream data quickly and accurately, which is one of the key components of complex event processing platform. XML is usually regarded as one of the data models of complex event processing platform. Although there are many efficient filtering algorithms for XML stream data, they are generally unable to support complex event queries that contain timing relationships. So we used the regular tree pattern to describe the complex event pattern, generated the macro forest transducers and the automatic for regular part matching based on the regular tree pattern grammar and proposed an efficient complex event detection method. The experimental results prove that the method have strong capability on complex event detection.


Complex Event Detection, Macro Forest Transducers, Regular Tree Pattern, Extensible Markup Language(XML), Stream Query.

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