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Practical Teaching Reform on Environmental Design Major under the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020036


Hui Liu, Fang Shi

Corresponding Author

Hui Liu


Innovation and entrepreneurship education is based on cultivating students' entrepreneurial consciousness and innovative spirit. Practical teaching is an effective way to transform theoretical knowledge and an important link in cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial abilities. Aiming at the problems existing in the practice teaching of environmental design majors in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship, following the teaching reform principles that meet the needs of market talents, promote regional economic development, give play to the subjectivity of students, and highlight the characteristics of schools and majors, the corresponding teaching reform proposals are proposed: Construct a school-enterprise joint training mode, innovative studio teaching mode, effectively integrate various teaching resources, and three classroom linkages to broaden the horizon of students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The research results are applied to the practice teaching reform of environmental design majors to improve the quality of talent training.


Innovation and entrepreneurship; environmental design major; practical teaching reform; problems; principles; proposals

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