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Cultivating the Autonomous Learning Ability in College English based on Outcome - Based Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020040


Shi Liu

Corresponding Author

Shi Liu


Outcome-oriented education, pays attention to the actual output in the learning process, has clear teaching goals, flexible teaching modes, and high teacher-student participation. College English teaching, guided by the OBE concept, has changed the traditional education model. Students become problems in the process of teaching autonomous learning for college English. This paper proposes strategies for developing college English autonomous learning ability based on orientation-oriented education: training students' autonomous learning consciousness, give play to the promotion role of information technology, cultivate students' English learning interest, establish a outcome-oriented autonomous learning environment, and open up a second classroom to expand autonomous learning channels.


Outcome-based education; OBE; college English; autonomous learning; ability training

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