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Cultivation of Innovative Thinking Ability in English Reading Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020042


Fang Cai

Corresponding Author

Fang Cai


Innovative thinking can help students engage in reading learning in a more vivid way. It is also an important way to inspire students' independent thinking ability. In the teaching of English reading, it is necessary to reform the English reading teaching in the new period to cultivate students' innovative ability, improve the creative thinking of language practice activities, and promote students' creative use of English communication. Based on the relevant theoretical knowledge and the author's practical teaching experience, this paper proposes the main countermeasures for the cultivation of innovative thinking in English reading teaching: multi-angle design of open problems, the use of information technology to create teaching situations, design of flexible and diverse tasks, and use of schema theories clarify the structure of the article, innovate the teaching mode of English reading, and comprehensively use multiple reading methods.


English reading teaching; innovative thinking ability; theoretical basis; training strategies

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