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Realizing Paths on Talents Training Objectives for Painting Major based on OBE Mode

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020045


Qiang Lu

Corresponding Author

Qiang Lu


The OBE teaching model attaches importance to the actual output of students in the learning process, and reversely plans the teaching structure and related evaluation mechanisms to promote the improvement of teaching quality in a short time. Aiming at the problems in the training of painting professionals, combined with the author's previous research foundation and many years of teaching practice in painting, this paper proposes the path to achieve the training goals of painting professionals based on the OBE model: teachers guide students to participate in painting exhibition competitions and gradually bring their works to the market; reverse design, forward implementation, restructure the curriculum system with the OBE concept; use OBE concept to lead the continuous improvement of the professional and continuously improve the quality of talent training; construct a developmental teaching evaluation method that is compatible with the OBE model; and build a dynamic "dual teacher" faculty.


OBE mode; painting major; talents training objectives; realizing paths

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