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Language Chunks Theory and Its Application in College English Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020046


Zhihui Man

Corresponding Author

Zhihui Man


Language chunks theory provides an efficient model for translation teaching and plays an important role in the processing of language information during translation. Based on language chunks theory, this article analyzes the advantages of chunks in English translation teaching, and points out the implementation process of language chunks theory in English translation teaching, including the chunk recognition stage, chunk accumulation stage, and chunk application stage. The proposed strategy of language chunks theory in English translation teaching: guide students to establish chunk awareness, combine explicit learning with implicit learning, accumulate chunks through multiple channels, make full use of chunks in translation practice, and build chunks corpus-assisted English translation teaching. In practical translation teaching, teachers should guide learners to identify, accumulate, and use chunks to improve translation efficiency.


Language chunks theory; college English; translation teaching; application strategies

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