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Application on Historical Sitcoms in Practical Teaching of the "Outline of Modern Chinese History"

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020048


Yufei Lin

Corresponding Author

Yufei Lin


In order to give play to the important role of historical sitcoms in the practical teaching of the course of Outline of Modern Chinese History, this paper analyzes the current status of practical teaching of the Outline of Modern Chinese History and put forward the application process and application countermeasures. The application process includes: preliminary preparation, writing and creation, role assignment, and rehearsal performance. Applied countermeasures include: grasping the balance between "emotion" and "reason" in historical sitcoms, improving students' ability to use and express historical knowledge, setting problems to guide teaching activities after historical sitcoms, and giving full play to the education of ideological and the human function of political education courses, adherence to the principle of moderation and integration with other teaching methods.


Historical sitcoms; outline of modern Chinese history; practical teaching; application countermeasures

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