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Innovation Path on College Japanese Teaching Reform in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020053


Yu Jin

Corresponding Author

Yu Jin


New media provides a new method for college Japanese teaching, which can effectively improve students’ Japanese application ability and intercultural communication ability. This paper analyzes the advantages of new media in Japanese teaching, designs the reform framework of university Japanese teaching in the new media era, and proposes the innovation path on college Japanese teaching reform in the new media era: to build a high-quality Japanese teaching resource base for new media, to carry out personalized education in the new media environment, to encourage students to use new media resources for independent learning, to improve the media literacy of college Japanese teachers in the new media era, and to change the way of Japanese learning with the help of new media technology. The research results of this paper are operable and provide a complete solution for the reform of college Japanese teaching.


New media era; college Japanese; teaching reform; innovation path

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