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Research on Strategies for Introducing Japanese Culture in College Japanese Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020058


Yingxian Jin

Corresponding Author

Yingxian Jin


Language is the carrier of culture, and culture is the connotation of language. Cultural introduction can stimulate students' interest and have a positive impact on language learning. In the course of college Japanese teaching, it is necessary to introduce both knowledge culture and non-knowledge culture, and it needs to be introduced in various links such as phonetic teaching, vocabulary teaching, grammar teaching, conversation teaching and reading teaching. According to the theory of cultural adaptation mode, in view of the problems existing in Japanese teaching, this paper proposes the following cultural introduction strategies: the Japanese teaching process follows the principle of cultural introduction. The cultural introduction is differentiated in stages; colleges use experience Japanese culture with extracurricular activities. Teachers use modern teaching methods to assist in cultural introduction.


College Japanese teaching; introducing Japanese culture; contents; links; strategies

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