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Research on Infiltrating Emotional Education in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020064


Qiong Wu

Corresponding Author

Qiong Wu


The teaching process highlights emotional factors, opens up new ways to explore teaching rules, and inspires new directions in teaching theory research. College English teaching penetrates emotional education, which can effectively solve the problems of insufficient learning motivation, excessive anxiety, strong inferiority complex, and incompatible relationship between teachers and students. Through the analysis of the affective factors that affect college English teaching, the implementation plan and strategy of college English teaching penetrating affective education were formulated to effectively solve the current lack of emotion in college English teaching. The implementation plan includes: the teaching content is living, the teaching organization is diversified, the teaching environment is contextualized, and the teaching method is gamification. Implementation strategies include: strengthening emotional communication between teachers and students, using teacher emotions as an important English teaching resource, using information technology to inject English emotional education content, and scientifically guiding students to relieve language anxiety.


College English teaching; emotional education; roles; schemes; strategies

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