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Research on Financial Support for Preschool Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ETIS2020068


Zhang Qunli

Corresponding Author

Zhang Qunli


Education is the foundation. The development of education is related to the speed of development of a country and the rise and fall of the entire nation. Preschool education is the first step towards lifelong learning. Financial policy support is the key to the rapid and healthy development of preschool education in China. This research analyzes the financial support for preschool education in theory and facts. Firstly, it introduces the core concepts of financial support for preschool education in China. It points out many problems in preschool education in China, and then starts with the financing and distribution of preschool education And use these three aspects to analyze the current situation and reasons of pre-educational financial support; finally, it puts forward multi-channel financing for pre-school education development, formulates relevant laws and policies for pre-school education, improves the pre-school education guarantee system and strengthens pre-school education Proposals for reform of supervision and management.


Preschool Education; Financial Support; Preschool Education Funding

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