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Study of Innovation Models and Policies in Estonia: Insights and Implications for Shanghai

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.002


Yuming Tian, Xiao Xu and Difei Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuming Tian


In order to improve the level of scientific and technological innovation in Shanghai, this subject mainly draws lessons from Estonian scientific and technological innovation policies and systems to make policies and systems for scientific and technological innovation in Shanghai based on some improvement from those in Estonia. This topic will first analyze Estonian policy on technological innovation. Based on the evaluation index system of technological innovation capability in Estonia, the paper concludes the points which according to the situation of Shanghai. With the formulation Shanghai's sciand feasibility of improvement which contains both analysis of the need to improve aspects and related specific operations. Furthermore, this project also anticipates the improvement effect and the actual economic and social benefits to Shanghai. At the same time, this topic also distinguishes the difficulty and the predicament from the policy and the economy aspects between two countries. In addition, the feasibility plan can be drawence and technology innovation policy, and scientific research innovation is formed. In order to promote the implementation, this topic is mainly from the necessity. Thus, the research of this subject can be applied to Shanghai Scientific and technological innovation, which has important theoretical significance and reality meaning.


Technology, innovation, policy, Shanghai, Estonia

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