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Research on the Reform of Mixed Ownership by Natural Monopoly Enterprises in Developed Countries

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.008


Xiaobin Lin, Jianhui Liao, Haiyun Song and Hanxiong Xiao

Corresponding Author

Xiaobin Lin


The paper finds that mixed ownership is an important form of natural monopoly industries to introduce private capital and promote industry development. At the same time, compared with other privatization reform models, mixed ownership also has its inherent shortcomings, so it needs a series of prerequisites and supporting conditions. China is vigorously pursuing mixed ownership reforms in natural monopoly industries such as power grids, oil and gas, and railways. However, as China has less experience in reforms in this area, it is necessary to study the reform experience of foreign natural monopoly industries to learn lessons.


Mixed ownership, mixed ownership reforms, reform experience

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