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Economic Analysis of Internal Control System Construction of Central Enterprises based on Regional Comprehensive Reform

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.012


Kai Wang

Corresponding Author

Kai Wang


If central enterprises want to reduce operational risks, they must improve their internal control mechanism and implement it. Ensuring the reliability of the financial statements of enterprises and effectively controlling all kinds of risks within enterprises have become one of the primary tasks of enterprise managers. With the rapid development of China's market economy, the competition among enterprises is increasingly strengthened. Based on this situation, it is particularly important to establish the internal control system of enterprises. Since its implementation, internal control has played an active role in standardizing enterprise management, preventing business risks and improving business efficiency. From the practice of enterprise management and operation, the internal control of central enterprises is an important part of enterprise management, which is aimed at the management of financial affairs of enterprises. Based on the needs of regional comprehensive reform, this paper explores the economy of the internal control system of the central enterprises in line with the social and economic development, hoping to help the development of the central enterprises.


Central enterprises, Internal control mechanism, Economy

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