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Research on the Impact of China's Commercial Economic Investment Efficiency on Industrial Structure Adjustment

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.019


Yuze Ma, Qiuyu Yuan

Corresponding Author

Qiuyu Yuan


The rapid development of modern economy is mainly realized through the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, which relies on the adjustment of industrial structure. Under the framework of efficient market hypothesis, information is not distorted in the transmission process, and investors can accurately measure the basic value of financial assets. The miracle of China's growth over 30 years has proved that investment is the main driving force for China's sustained and stable economic growth. Industrial structure has always been the main problem that perplexes China's economic development. Economic development is the process of continuous adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure. Therefore, it is imperative to adjust, optimize and upgrade China's industrial structure. This paper analyzes the influencing factors of investment efficiency from the perspective of matching human capital and industrial structure. In measuring the matching degree of human capital and industrial structure, the matching degree of human capital and industrial structure is measured and analyzed by using system theory and coupling theory.


Industrial structure, Investment efficiency, Commercial economy

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