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Brief Talk on Innovative Mechanisms of Bank Real Estate Financial Businesses

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.022


Yixiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Yixiang Wang


The real estate economy is an important part of China's market economy, which has high dependence degree on funds, and it is also easily influenced by the adjustment of bank financial policies. Bank real estate financial business is one of the most important businesses of bank finance, and its stability and development play an important role in the construction of the national economy. The state's regulation of real estate business directly affects the formulation and implementation of bank real estate financial business policies, so understanding national policies and trends, grasping real estate opportunities, and actively and steadily promoting innovation in real estate financial business are important tasks for banks. In order to the development of banking financial businesses, banks need to design business models that meets the healthy development of the real estate industry in accordance with their own characteristics, and design risk prevention and control mechanisms correspondingly to ensure capital security.


Bank, real estate, financial business

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