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Research on Data Resource Standardization Management Method based on Enterprise-level Data Analysis Domain

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.027


Weijie Shen, Ming Zeng, Liang Shen, Xing Wang and Zhihua Cheng

Corresponding Author

Weijie Shen


Due to the accumulation of information construction work, the State Grid has collected and stored a large amount of data resources such as structured data, unstructured data, power grid GIS data, collected measurement real-time data, and data from various management business departments. The lack of unified standards in data middle courts, scattered data storage, difficult to cross departmental barriers and data barriers, making it difficult for companies to share data internally. In the context of the company's ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things(IoT), this paper proposes the corresponding big data technology architecture based on the enterprise data middle platform, studies the data analysis domain and the corresponding data resource standardization management methods in the enterprise data middle platform, including the analysis domain overall architecture, the analysis domain data flow path, the data unified aggregation and the standardization management method, realizes the unified management and sharing of data, speeds up the application of decision analysis and the whole business The integration and transformation of analysis domain provides the company with efficient analysis and calculation ability and solid data foundation for cross business data analysis and decision-making.


Big data technology, IoT, management and sharing of data, cross business data analysis

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