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Study on the Background Music of a Grade Tourist Attractions in Chengdu

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.032


Ping Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ping Zhao


This paper studies how to make the background music to enrich the cultural connotation and the brand image of A grade tourist attractions in Chengdu, so as to attract more consumers and create more profits. The application system of background music of A grade tourist attractions in Chengdu is put forward based on the investigation and analysis of the current situation and existing problems. It is found that the blind use and imitation of background music in most A grade tourist attractions in Chengdu results in the lack of their own characteristics, which restricts the improvement of the overall image and service quality. The premise of selecting appropriate background music is to understand the sensory mechanism and path dependence of background music on cultural and tourism space production of tourist attractions. Planning the application system of background music can help A grade tourist attractions in Chengdu to achieve image establishment, brand promotion and marketing, ultimately achieve the sustainable and optimized development of tourism destination.


A grade, background music, Chengdu, tourist attractions

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