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Survey of College Students' Consumption Behavior from the Perspective of Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.033


Jianjian Wang, Sihan Chen

Corresponding Author

Jianjian Wang


College students are one of the main groups of consumption in nowadays society. At the same time, they are well educated, easily influenced by the fashion trend and having active thoughts. In nowadays china, their new characteristics of unique consumption thoughts and behaviors have tremendous research value which attracted the attention of diversity industry. Through the result of questionnaire to students from Wuhan University Of Technology and Central China Normal University, using SPSS data processing software to research and Analyze on College Students' consumption behavior, habits, the comparison of consumption between online with offline , reasons that affecting consumption, channels of consumption information, types of new businesses that they hope to add. Through overall analysis to students' consumption, the comparative analysis of liberal arts and science students, and the comparative analysis of students in different genders, to find out their internal similarity, which provides new ideas for college students' academic education, rational consumption education and the development of new business pattern in business circles.


College students, consumption, comparative analysis, new formats

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