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Study on the Tibetan Language Learning of Tibetan and Chinese Bilingual Students in Physics

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71152


Bingbing Chen

Corresponding Author

Bingbing Chen


With literature review, interviews, and questionnaire survey methods, this paper explores and studies Tibetan-Chinese bilingual students in physics in Tibetan language learning. This paper firstly summarizes the status of bilingual education in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region and the status of bilingual teachers. Then it analyzes the status quo of bilingual students' Tibetan language learning ability according to a questionnaire survey, finds out the reasons, and finally formulates corresponding solutions in light of the actual situation of the school. Through the exploration and research, it is expected to find an effective method for Tibetan bilingual study of bilingual students and provide some experience and reference for the study of similar issues in the future.


Tibetan-Chinese bilingual students, Tibetan, learning

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