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Impact of Industrial Structure Adjustment on Carbon Emission Reduction and Analysis of Its Contribution Rate-Based on Kaya Identity and LMDI Model

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.035


Jian Li, Huamin Li

Corresponding Author

Jian Li


China's carbon emissions have been increasing since the reform and opening up, this paper uses the LMDI decomposition model calculate and analyze influencing factors of China's carbon emissions based on the Kaya deformation identity, and analyzes the impact of industrial structure adjustment on carbon emissions, and the contribution rate difference of different industries for carbon emission, studies show that although the carbon slowing effect brought by China's industrial structure adjustment is not strong, it has certain results and impact, but there are differences in emission reduction effects in various industries.


Industrial structure adjustment, carbon emissions, Kaya identity, LMDI model

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