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Analysis of Company B based on Harvard Analysis Framework

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.044


Ying Zhong

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhong


With the national policy advocating green travel and people's awareness of environmental protection, new energy vehicles are more and more popular, the new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly. Based on the Harvard analysis framework, combined with B enterprise strategy, understanding the real social environment of enterprises, Harvard analysis framework includes strategic analysis, accounting analysis, financial analysis, prospect analysis. By understanding the changes in the environment, internal and external advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise, analyze the status, resources and strategic capabilities of the enterprise to provide and formulate strategic plans for the enterprise, analyze the key accounting policies and accounting estimates of the enterprise according to the accounting statements, and analyze the solvency of the enterprise through vertical analysis, horizontal analysis and ratio analysis, Assess profitability, operational ability and growth capabilities, analyze the current strategy implementation through financial and non-financial indicators, as well as forecast development prospects and development trends. B company in the new energy vehicle industry far ahead, representative, is conducive to the application of Harvard analysis framework in the new energy vehicle industry. There are four chapters in this paper. The first chapter introduces the background of this paper and the significance of the research. The second chapter describes the relevant research of The Harvard Analysis Framework, including the proposal of the Harvard Analysis Framework and the necessity of applying it to corporate financial analysis, introduces the concept of PEST strategic analysis method and SWOT analysis method, and the third chapter is the focus of this paper, interpreting the B company strategy from multiple angles. Describe the company profile, evaluate the business situation and forecast the trend through the financial vertical analysis, carry out strategic analysis of Company B from politics, economy, society and technology based on PEST, and sWOT analysis of Company B based on porter five force models. The fourth chapter summarizes the full text, puts forward some suggestions on the problems of B company and predicts the development prospects. As a new industry, the new energy vehicle industry is highly competitive, in order to occupy more market share and increase competitive advantage, B company needs to continue to develop and improve. On the one hand, we should strengthen financial management, adjust the structure of assets and liabilities, form the scale of production, minimize costs, make B company create more profits and develop leading business; This paper uses the Harvard analysis framework to conduct a comprehensive analysis of B company, and at the same time to other enterprises in the new energy industry to play a role in reference.


Harvard Analytics Framework, Strategic Analysis, Financial Analysis

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