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Research on the Innovation of Vocational Students' Accomplishment in Geography Major in Normal Colleges and Universities——A Case Study of Geography Education Major of Aba Teachers University

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71153


Nana Cui

Corresponding Author

Nana Cui


For geography normal college students in normal colleges and universities, how to adapt to the new teaching model of today's basic geography education and improve their own employment competitiveness is a problem that every graduate has to face. In order to adapt to the various new situations of basic geography education, the normal vocational literacy training mode for normal college students in geography is bound to make major reforms. This paper combines the vocational literacy training of geography education students in Aba Teachers College, analyzes the existing problems in the cultivation of professional literacy, and proposes the innovative modalities of cultivating professional literacy for geography students in higher normal colleges.


Geography education, professional accomplishment, innovation

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