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Research on Knowledge Group of Enterprise Innovation Performance from the Perspective of Social Network

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.050


Yang Liu, Jing Cheng

Corresponding Author

Jing Cheng


Based on Chinese and other countries papers related to enterprise innovation performance and social network as samples, this paper draws the frontier knowledge map of enterprise innovation performance research from the perspective of social network. From the perspective of social network with different dimensions, the research topics are roughly divided into three knowledge groups, namely, "network structure characteristics and enterprise innovation performance", "internal network capabilities and enterprise innovation performance" Efficiency "and" network location attribute and enterprise innovation performance ". Through the analysis of the content of the cited documents, the frequency of key words and the content of the cited documents, the research context and research progress under this topic are clarified.


Social network, enterprise innovation performance, knowledge map, knowledge group

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