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Study on the Development of Forestry Production Service Organization

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.051


Yingxue Wen, Yin Liu, Weiping Liu

Corresponding Author

Weiping Liu


the protection and utilization of forest resources are one of the important contents of social development. If we want to improve the level of forest management, we must take the development road of production specialization. At present, some operators stand out from forestry production and set up forestry production service organizations, which specialize in forest management. These institutions have their unique management characteristics. In terms of human resources, long-term stable and experienced employees promote production efficiency. In the aspect of production machinery, the rich production equipment has brought about the progress of production technology. In terms of business scope, due to the impact of transaction costs, the business scope is relatively concentrated. In the future, the development of forestry production must follow the scientific management route. Therefore, the government should subsidize the forestry production service organizations, broaden the financing channels of enterprises, and enrich the forestry production system.


Forestry development, Production service, Policy suggestion

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