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A study on the total agricultural output value and its influencing factors in all provinces of China

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.054


Xiaoyu Li, Jiahui Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Li


Agriculture plays an important role in China's economic development. The development of social production begins with agriculture. Only on the basis of agricultural development can industry emerge and develop, and then the development of the tertiary industry. It can be seen that agriculture is the foundation of national economy. Only by strengthening the agricultural foundation and ensuring the supply of agricultural products, can we smoothly promote the rapid development of China's industry and cities; only by strengthening the agricultural infrastructure and making the agricultural development, farmers rich and rural stability, can we maintain the long-term stability and sustainable development of the whole society. In this paper, the relationship between the total agricultural output value and the effective irrigation area, the total power of agricultural machinery, and the application of agricultural chemical fertilizer was studied. After selecting the indicators, we use Eviews software to carry out regression test analysis on the data, and then use the methods of multicollinearity analysis, heteroscedasticity test and autocorrelation test to carry out the research. Finally, according to the conclusion, we put forward the corresponding methods and suggestions for the problems existing in the relationship.


Total value of farm output, empirical analysis, multiple linear regression, Eviews, influencing factor

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