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TCL Group Company Operational Capability Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/FEMS2020.055


Xiaoyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Zhang


The stronger the enterprise's operating capability, the faster the turnover of various assets in daily production, the shorter the time it takes, and the better the ability to convert to cash, which ultimately promotes the growth of corporate profits and provides the development of the enterprise. Financial support. This article takes TCL Group as the research object and aims to explore the problems of its operational capabilities. It first introduces the company, then selects its financial data for the past five years, and combines the characteristics of the case company to analyze the operational capabilities of its related assets. Found the problems of the enterprise, such as inventory backlog risk, low efficiency of fixed asset utilization and low efficiency of liquid asset management, and finally put forward a strategy to improve the operating capacity of TCL Group. The research in this article helps enterprise managers to effectively identify business risks and provides relevant suggestions for the development of enterprises.


Inventory Management Performance, Fixed Asset Utilization Efficiency, Total Asset Management Efficiency

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