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An Improved BESO Method for Topology Optimization Design

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DOI: 10.23977/acsat.2017.1013


Cui Mingtao, Zhou Jingling, Yang Xinfeng, Zhang Yifei

Corresponding Author

Mingtao Cui


Topology optimization design is a technical process that determines the optimal layout of materials with extreme value of objective function. In this paper, an improved bidirectional evolutionary structural optimization (BESO) method for topology optimization design with multiple boundary conditions is proposed. The improved BESO method based on the homogenization theory is utilized to establish the mathematical model of the topology optimization design of microstructure, and the periodic boundary condition and Hashin-Shtrikman boundary condition are taken as boundary constraints. In this method, the advantages of the BESO method are combined with those of the homogenization method. Therefore, this method is suitable for the topology optimization design of microstructure. In addition, reasonable results can be obtained with a single volume constraint by this method. Finally, the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method are demonstrated by several typical numerical examples.


Topology optimization, Improved BESO method, Homogenization theory, Periodic boundary condition, Hashin-Shtrikman boundary condition

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