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Application and Practice of Multi-dimensional Interactive Teaching Model in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71157


Wenjuan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wenjuan Zhao


Multi-dimensional interactive teaching model is not only a kind of teaching model that can promote the all-round development of student, but also an effective modern teaching model that focuses on student; in the practical application process of the teaching model, student can learn the knowledge efficiently in a more relaxed learning circumstance by the application of a variety of interactive ways, such as the interaction between student and student, the interaction between teacher and student, and group interaction, etc. The key point of the multi-dimensional interactive teaching model is to enhance the students' participation, so that all students can be effectively integrated into the teaching in class, and the relevant teaching activities should focus on improving students' comprehensive ability of applying the knowledge they have learned, and their cooperative ability of learning. English is one of the compulsory courses of colleges and universities, and it emphasizes practice and application; however, in the actual process of the English teaching activities, using the traditional teaching model cannot achieve the good result in limited time. Therefore, in English class in colleges and universities, the application of multi-dimensional interactive teaching model can effectively enhance students' participation in learning, and then improve the efficiency in class and promote students' all-round development of learning.


Multi-dimensional interactive teaching, college English, teaching practice

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