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The Mission Planning of Multi-wave Missile Launching Based on 0-1 Integer Programming

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DOI: 10.23977/AICT2020047


Chunmei Chen, Ping Yang, Subing Liu

Corresponding Author


In this paper, an optimization problem based on multi-wave missile launching mission planning and maneuvering route was studied. Firstly, a 0-1 integer programming model was established by using the global optimization, and then the exposure time was defined as three parts: Road maneuvering time, node waiting time and waiting time for shooting at the same time. Because the road maneuvering time was the main time of them, the shortest path based on it was solved by Dijkstra algorithm. Finally, the results of global optimization were obtained by adjusting the latter two parts of time. The study of this problem provides a method for the task assignment problem with multi-waves, and can be extended to n waves easily.


0-1 Programming; the Shortest Route Optimization; Dijkstra algorithm; the Exposure Time

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