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Study of Ship Navigation Auxiliary Display System

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DOI: 10.23977/AICT2020049


Weijie Hu, Hongxiang Ren

Corresponding Author


Modern ships are equipped with more and more equipment. In order to solve the problems of complicated structure, independent equipment, complicated operation and difficult information sharing of ship navigation system, the ship navigation auxiliary display system is designed. The system mainly includes ship navigation information reading module, ship navigation information display module and ship identification module. The ship navigation information reading module adopts the bus technology and single chip microcomputer to collect the data of each sensor on the ship. According to AR technology, navigation information display module can display the navigation data information and the actual navigation video interactively. Ship identification is responsible for the identification of ships in the navigation video. The experimental results of the ship operation simulator show that the system can provide simple data of the ship's navigation state, facilitate the crew to observe the information around the ship, and reduce the impact of the redundancy of the ship's instrument data on the ship's drivers.


Ship navigation assistance; augmented reality; ship recognition; information fusion

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