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Study on the Method and Value of Vignette in the Murals of Koguryo Tomb in the Design of Cultural and Creative Derivatives

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.003


Chang Xin

Corresponding Author

Chang Xin


Murals of Koguryo Tomb can be divided into 3 periods of history according to the development of the years. The vignette of its mural has distinctive artistic features which is the treasure of history. This paper explores the characteristics and forms of decorative patterns of different themes left over from the murals of Ji'an Murals of Koguryo Tomb. It also explores the design method of cultural and creative derivatives development on the basis of extracting the element symbols. so that it can makes the design of cultural and creative derivatives become the products which has national symbol value and makes the essence of the nation be gradually transformed into the design elements which are visual and conform to the concept of modern design culture. It has promotion and application function in the emotional expression, design output and transformation of Koguryo cultural and creative derivatives design and its symbolic symbolism.


Murals of Koguryo Tomb, vignette, derivatives, design method, value

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