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A Comparative Study of the Official Projection Image of Rural Tourism Destinations and Tourists' Perception Image——Taking the Chongdugou Scenic Spot as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.004


Haoyu Wang, Qi Li, Sunpin Wang, and Caiyu Jin

Corresponding Author

Haoyu Wang


Taking the case of Chongdugou in Luanchuan as an example, taking the tourist travels and official Weibo texts of 5 online travel platforms of Maqi, Ctrip, Qunar, Tuniu and Tongcheng as samples, using ROST CM6 software to extract the tourists' perception of Chongdugou Scenic Spot The top 60 high-frequency words with the official propaganda text, word frequency analysis and social network analysis, contrasting the visitors' perception image with the official Weibo projection image, the study found that: (1) The image of the Chongdugou scenic spot can be divided into four main categories (tourism environment, tourism attractions, tourism activities and tourism behavior) and 10 sub-categories (location support, security facilities, natural resources, human resources, Transportation, accommodation, travel time, travelers, tourism experience and resource evaluation); (2) Visitors and officials have perceptions of 4 major categories and 10 major categories, the name of the scenic spot, core attractions, and travelers. The perception of tourism experience is relatively consistent; (3) There is a difference between the perceived image of tourists and the official projected image: tourists in the location environment pay more attention to nearby scenic spots, while the official pays attention to a wider range of publicity; tourists pay attention to parking lots in terms of security facilities; Concerned about natural resources, the official pays more attention to human resources; tourists pay attention to self-driving tour in transportation; tourists are more specific in terms of accommodation and accommodation; the official focus on holiday promotion in terms of travel time; the official description of resource evaluation is more comprehensive and abstract. On this basis, the Chongdugou scenic spot should carry out joint marketing, strengthen natural resource protection, develop human resources and improve infrastructure construction to enhance the image of rural tourism.


Rural tourism, tourism image, network text, Chongdugou

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