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On the Characteristics and Development of Hedge Funds in China

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.006


Xinrong Liu, Lu Wang

Corresponding Author

Xinrong Liu


With the steady development of China's economy and the support of China's opening-up policy, China's financial market has gradually opened to the outside world, the internationalization of RMB has accelerated, and more and more new trading means have entered China's financial market. Hedge fund stands out in a variety of trading products with its high return, complex and novel operation methods, and is sought after by investors and fund managers. In the international market, hedge funds have developed more mature, but in China, hedge funds are still in the early stage of development. In order to make the hedge fund market expand and develop steadily, it is necessary to deeply understand the connotation, characteristics and development trend of hedge fund, find out the existing problems in the development of hedge fund, and put forward constructive suggestions in view of the problems, so as to effectively prevent and face the possible risks in the development of hedge fund and promote the development and maturity of China's hedge fund market.


Hedge fund, Leverage effect, Financial supervision

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