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Review and Prospect of the Research on Transformational Leadership, Affective Commitment and Their Relationship

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.008


Ying Lai, Hui Tian

Corresponding Author

Ying Lai


With the uncertainty of economic development, continuous globalization and the modern environment of intensified competition, practitioners and scholars pay more and more attention to employee commitment, ensuring employees' feelings and subsequent commitments become the research hotspot. Many studies show that leadership style and behavior style will affect the social exchange relationship of employees in the organization, which makes managers begin to explore and improve leadership style to enhance leadership value. Affective commitment is influenced by transformational leadership to a large extent. This study takes transformational leadership, which has a significant effect on affective commitment, as the logical starting point to conduct an in-depth study and analyze the variables that play an intermediary or regulatory role in the relationship between them. Finally, based on the literature review and comments, this study puts forward some suggestions on how to improve transformational leadership in the process of organizational growth and development, break through the traditional cognition of leadership theory and put forward relevant suggestions.


Transformational leadership, Affective commitment

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